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Charles M. Hays – A Titanic LossCharles M. Hays

21/04/2014 Contributor Lynn Salmon shares some history behind the statue of Charles Hayes that stands in Prince Rupert BC. It was his vision of a Pacific Terminus for his railway that led to the founding of the City. If he had not been killed in the sinking of the Titanic its possible that the City’s history might have been much different. Prince Rupert has experienced economic booms and busts – and the port is presently expanding.

Some Interesting Canadian Naval ScientistsInteresting Naval Scientists

21/02/2014 A surprising number of former Canadian naval personnel have excelled in science, undertaking and publishing significant original research. This article presents some brief biographical vignettes of the naval and scientific careers of astronomers, medical researchers, social scientists and others – each them a ‘character’ in his own right – and each of them a scientist.

The Audrey B.Audrey B.

07/02/2014 The Audrey B. began life in the rum running trade in 1928. Throughout her working life, continuing until the early 1960s, she did valuable work for various owners in all of Canada’s major oceans. In retirement she provided a nurturing home for a family in North Vancouver. It was the vessel’s remarkable success in the Arctic, in an environment apparently unsuitable to her design and construction, that drew contributor George Duddy’s attention to this storied vessel, particularly her achievement in forwarding supplies in a very difficult ice year that allowed Captain Scotty Gall to complete the first ever navigation of Bellot Strait of the Northwest Passage in 1937.

Recent Featured Gallery Images:

John Franklin Gooldrup Boat Builder John F. Gooldrup

14/04/2014 John F. Gooldrup was born in Pender Harbour in 1922. His daughter shares his boat building experiences and legacy. He was a member of a large family of boat builders who operated on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. The Gooldrup name is not as well known in the literature as some others but nonetheless they were productive builders and innovators.

Syd Heal – Nautical Historian, Interpreter and Book PublisherSyd Heal

07/04/2014 There is no finer interpreter of the marine scene in British Columbia. He leads the pack in his general commercial knowledge, not only historically but also in a far broader field from marine insurance and finance through to practical ship economics and operations. Having been in business continuously since 1942, excepting his four years of service in the Navy, he then set up Cordillera Books in 1991 as maritime book publishers and as a post retirement project. This business published about 60 books of which 24 were written by him.

Sinking of the Queen of the NorthQueen of the North

28/03/2014 The Queen of the North sank on a squally night March 22nd 2006 at 0140 (local time) 1 hour and 20 minutes after striking Juanita Point on Gil Island in Wright Sound. She was on her regular run between Prince Rupert and Port Hardy having just commenced her southbound trip a few hours earlier. Contributor Lynn Salmon recalls the vessel in which she regularly travelled to and from her home in Prince Rupert.

Carey Joseph Myers – Salmon Troller FishermanCarey Myers

21/03/2014 Carey Myers was a salmon troller who fished on the British Columbia coast for sixty years. He represents the distillation of the maritime spirit of the First Nations, Hawaii and Norway with genealogical roots back to the earliest days of British Columbia history.

Recent Featured Arctic Articles:

Arctic Vessels: Anti–fouling and Other Traditional Ship Bottom Covering ConceptsSven

14/10/2013 Captain Sven Johansson, Northwest Passage mariner, shares his thoughts on bottom coverings on traditional wooden Arctic ocean vessels based on his personal experience.

Featured Reference Tables and Lists:

The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD)

Bill Clearihue has developed and updated a definitive Nominal List for the University Naval Training Division (UNTD) of the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve which contains the names of almost 6,000 former members and details of their service. Other lists available from him detail the former members known to be deceased and a list of former members who achieved positions of note in their civilian or military careers. Clearihue will update these lists from time–to–time and they will be updated on this site.

Canada’s Admirals & Commodores

Canada’s Admirals & CommodoresBook Cover

14/12/2013 Canada has a rich naval heritage which tends to have a low public profile. To the detriment of the Navy and our awareness of our national culture and history, Canada’s naval contribution in two World Wars, the Korean conflict and the many United Nations and NATO operations is hidden from public view. The great contribution of the navy is both interesting and important – but it is difficult for history lovers to access the information. In 1994 John MacFarlane published the first edition of Canada’s Admirals and Commodores (ISBN #0–09693001–2–3). Since that time we have been maintaining updates to the entries in that publication as well as tracking names of all new appointments as they are announced.

Site News: Feb 22nd, 2014

Databases have been updated and are now holding 46,082 vessel histories (with 2,036 images) and 47,712 mariner biographies (with 2,863 images).

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