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Recent Featured Articles:

Dorothy Dennis – Early Local Hydroplane Racer Dorothy Dennis

14/07/2015 Dorothy Dennis was an early hydroplane racer who frequently competed in British Columbia–based events. An American she was a rare female competitor who defeated male racers on an even basis before the Second World War. She appears to be unknown to marine historians today.

Vessels Built by the Deltaga Boat Works Ltd. Deltaga Boat Works

07/07/2015 A list of all the vessels built by Deltaga Boat Works Ltd. located in South Surrey BC on the Fraser River. It was originally established by Kumetaro Tsumura from Prince Rupert BC.

Vessels Built by Vito Steel Boat & Barge Construction Ltd. Vito Steel Boat

01/07/2015 A list of all the vessels built by Vito Steel Boat & Barge Construction Ltd.

Through Black Binoculars: Boat Watching on the Sunshine Coast Through Black Binoculars

19/06/2015 Contributor David Sheffield recounts his early days watching boats with his brothers on the Sunshine Coast, experiences that created a lingering attraction and interest in the boats for a lifetime.

A Compilation Reference of Pacific Coast Radio Radio Stations in British ColumbiaMarine Radio Stations

21/06/2015 A list and short history of the coastal marine radio stations that have operated on British Columbia's coast. The authors combined their data to create a list of the coastal marine radio staions in British Columbia that have been in operation over the years.

Nominal List of members of the Reserve Officer University Training Plan(ROUTP) and Successor Programs ROUTP SSYEP UNTD

19/06/2015 After the UNTD was disbanded in 1968 a new Reserve Officer University Training Plan (ROUTP) was created to produce reserve officers. It included both men and women and operated under various names over the years. The ROUTP replaced the UNTD in 1970 as a unified training programme for reserve officers for the Canadian Forces. The UNTD was briefly re-instituted in the 1985-1987 period. The SYEP also included trainees from the lower deck. The NROUTP was another variant and NROC was another term, and RESO, is the current (2015) one.

Commanding Officers of Canadian Naval Vessels Naval Ship Commanding Officers

15/06/2015 This is a list of all the persons who have commanded Canadian naval vessels and of Canadians who have commanded naval vessels in other navies.

UNTD Nominal List UNTD Nominal List

12/06/2015 For twenty five years (1943–1968) the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD) trained university students and turned them into naval officers. With the help of Dan Salmon we have turned this into an interactive linked list to the biography of each former member.

Vessels Built by Albion Boat Works Ltd. NAME

11/06/2015 A list of all the vessels built by Albion Boat Works Ltd.

Wreck of the County of Linlithgow. County of Linlithgow

28/05/2015 Contributor Arnie Campbell tells how the four masted sailing ship County of Linlithgow aground in Orveas Bay off Gordon’s Beach in December, 1912. The vessel mistook the newly installed Sheringham Point Light to be the Race Rocks Light and turned to port thinking it was entering the waters off Victoria.

Tugs and Barges To and From Jordan River BC Nidge

19/05/2015 Contributor Arnie Campbell explains that that tugs and barges transported just about everything to and from Jordan River before the road from Otter Point was completed in 1912. The decade from 1905 to 1915 was one of tremendous economic energy and development in this area.

Volume 4 of The Nauticapedia List of British Columbia’s Floating HeritageVolume 4 BC Floating Heritage

07/11/2014 The 4th and final volume in the series documenting the oldest boats afloat in British Columbia is now published. It’s 280 pages contain 1,750 histories of boats still afloat that were built between 1971–1975. It contains more than 600 fish boats, 200 tugs and work boats, as well as hundreds of pleasure craft, non-powered vessels, and many others. Finding accurate information on vessels in BC is difficult – and here is a source that can be carried afloat, in the car or used at home. The whole set covers more than 6,000 vessels with 50,000 names of owners. As references they are unparalleled anywhere! They can be ordered online from Munro’s Books or or at these fine bookshops.

Featured Reference Tables:

Canada’s Naval Aviators

07/06/2015 Few Canadians know about the Royal Canadian Navy’s contribution to Naval Aviation. More than 2,000 Canadians and some other naval aviators who served in Canada comprised this group. Originally published in hard cover by John MacFarlane and Robbie Hughes more than 25 years ago this list has now revised and available to visitors to The Nauticapedia.

The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD)

Bill Clearihue has developed and updated the definitive Nominal List for the University Naval Training Division (UNTD) of the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve which contains the names of almost 7,000 former members and details of their service. Other lists available from him detail the former members known to be deceased and a list of former members who achieved positions of note in their civilian or military careers. Clearihue will update these lists from time–to–time and they will be updated on this site.

Canada’s Admirals & Commodores

01/12/2013 Canada has a rich naval heritage which tends to have a low public profile. To the detriment of the Navy and our awareness of our national culture and history, Canada's naval contribution in two World Wars, the Korean conflict and the many United Nations and NATO operations is hidden from public view. The great contribution of the navy is both interesting and important – but it is difficult for history lovers to access the information. In 1994 Canada’s Admirals and Commodores was published (ISBN #0–09693001–2–3). Since that time we have been maintaining updates to the entries in that publication as well as tracking names of new appointments.

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