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Superior Straits

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Registry #1 173188 Registry #2 Registry #3
Name 1 1942 YN-77 (U.S.S.) Name 5
Name 2 1942 AN-58 (U.S.S.) Name 6
Name 3 1947 Abele Name 7
Name 4 1953 Superior Straits Name 8
Year Built 1942 Place New Bern Area NC Country USA
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 174.5' x 36.5' x 19.3'
Builder Barbour Boat Works Measurement (metric) 53.2m x 11.1m x 5.9m
Hull Wood Displacement
Gross Tonnage 861 Type 1 Tug (Ailanthus Class)
Registered Tonnage 549 Type 2 Barge
Engine 1600hp diesel electric engine (1942) Engine Manufacture
Repower Engines removed Propulsion Screw
Rebuilds Call Sign VGXG
Pendant  # YN.77; AN.58 Masters
In 1942 she was owned by the United States Navy laid down as YN-77 but commissioned as AN-58. In 1947-1948 she was owned by the Great Lakes Lumber and Shipping Ltd., Fort William ON. In 1949 she was owned by Charles Storch, Vancouver BC. In 1953-1968 she was owned by Straits Towing Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1971 she was owned by P. & B. Towing Ltd., North Vancouver BC. In 1973-2006 she was owned by Dubarry Investments Ltd., Vancouver BC.
Fate Registry closed Date 2006-02-21
Named Features
Significance of Name
In 1942 she was said to have been a Gate Vessel at Pearl Harbour Hawaii. In 1955 brought out from the Great Lakes to the West Coast. During the voatge through the Panama Canal she towed the damaged tanker Poplarbrach to Vancouver for service. In the 1960s she was withdrawn from service and reduced to a barge.
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