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LST-1003 (U.S.S.)

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Registry #1 327072 Registry #2 Registry #3
IMO# 6701345 MMSI# VRN#
Name 1 1944 LST-1003 (U.S.S.) Name 5
Name 2 1944 Coronis (U.S.S.) (ARL-10) Name 6
Name 3 1966 Trailer Princess Name 7
Name 4 Name 8
Year Built 1944 Place Baltimore Area MD Country USA
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 307.6' x 56.5' x 19.0'
Builder Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp. Measurement (metric) 93.79m x 17.22m x 5.79m
Hull Steel Displacement
Gross Tonnage 2689.13 Type 1 landing craft
Registered Tonnage 2257.62 Type 2 Ferry, railcar
Engine 1800bhp diesel engine (1944) Engine Manufacture General Motors Corporation, Detroit MI USA
Repower Propulsion Twin Screw
Rebuilds In 1944 she was converted to become auxiliary repair ship for landing craft at Bethlehem Key Highway Shipyard Baltimore MD. In 1966 she was converted to carry rail cars and road trailers. Call Sign
Pendant  # LST.1003; ARL.10 Masters
In 1944-1946 she was owned by the United States Navy as an auxiliary repair ship. In 1966-1986 she was owned by Canadian Pacific Ltd., Montreal QC. In 1986-1988 she was owned by Mar-Mac Forest Products Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1989-1990 she was owned by S.A. Mowat Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1991 she was owned by Marine Log Services Ltd., New Westminster BC. In 1992-2004 she was owned by Helifor Industries Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 2011-2019 she was owned by Helifor Canada Ltd., Vancouver BC.
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The design for her conversion was done by R. H. Richards. In 1966 she was placed on Vancouver - Swartz Bay as a railcar carrier with 4 tracks. In 2003 she was operating with a helipad as a logging camp.
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