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Canadian National No. 2

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Registry #1 143165 Registry #2 Registry #3
Name 1 1919 St. Catherine Name 5
Name 2 1928 Canadian National No. 2 Name 6
Name 3 1967 Polaris (II) Name 7
Name 4 1968 Gulf Freda Name 8
Year Built 1919 Place Hessle Area Country UK
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 135.5' x 29.1' x 13.7'
Builder Livingstone & Cooper Ltd. Measurement (metric)
Hull Steel Displacement 444
Gross Tonnage 444 Type 1 Tug
Registered Tonnage 8 Type 2 Fishboat, general
Engine 236hp Triple expansion Steam engine (coal burner) (1919) Engine Manufacture Earle's Co. Ltd., Hull UK
Repower In 1964 she was repowered with a motor. Propulsion Screw
Rebuilds In the mid-1920s she was converted to oil and structural changes to the bridge. In 1965 she was rebuilt under direction of Frank Prudden. Call Sign VXDN
Pendant  # Masters Captain Rod Graham (1965); Captain Robert Watt (1966); Captain Otto Alcorn (1966);
In 1919 she was owned by The Admiralty, London UK. In 1925-1926 she was owned by the Vancouver Harbour Commission as berthing and fire tug. In 1928-1947 she was owned by Canadian Northern Steamships Ltd., Toronto ON. In 1962 she was owned by Canadian National Railway Co., Montreal QC. In 1963-1965 she was owned by Capital Iron and Metals Ltd., Victoria BC. In 1965-1967 she was owned by North Pacific Towing & Salvage Ltd. (a subsidiary of Texada Towing Co. Ltd.), Vancouver BC. In 1968 she was owned by Gulf of Georgia Towing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1969-1970 she was owned by Valdez Marine Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1972-1977 she was owned by Gulf of Georgia Towing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1977-1979 she was owned by Gulf of Georgia Towing Co. Ltd., North Vancouver BC. In 1980-1982 she was owned by Seaspan International Ltd., North Vancouver BC.
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Named Features
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She was built as a Saint-class navy rescue tug. In her day she was considered unique on the BC coast with four engines coupled to a single shaft. Each engine could be operated seperately or in combination of 2, 3 or 4 depending on the amount of power required. She had two 765 Caterpillar diesels and two 510hp Caterpillar diesels. Canadian Northern Steamships (later CNR) put her in Port Mann to Vancouver Island car barge service. Capital Iron removed the boilers, steam engine and allied equipment. She was sold to new owners who installed new 2550bhp engines in 4 diesels connected to a single shaft through reverse and compound gears. In 1966 she sailed from Victoria BC to Port Arthur TX to pick up a 250' self-propelled drilling rig for delivery to the Mediterranean. She was laid up in 1972. She was reportedly scrapped in Tacoma WA USA by General Metals in 1983.
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