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Registry #1 154549 Registry #2 CN Z.20 Registry #3
Name 1 1927 B.C.P. 41 Name 5
Name 2 1938 Skidegate (H.M.C.S.) Name 6
Name 3 1946 Ochichak Name 7
Name 4 1946 Santa Rosa (I) Name 8
Year Built 1927 Place Vancouver Area BC Country Canada
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 47.0' x 13.7' x ?
Builder Celtic Shipyards Ltd. Measurement (metric) 15.3m x 4.2m x 2.2m
Hull Wood Displacement
Gross Tonnage 29.73 Type 1 Fishboat, seiner
Registered Tonnage 20.22 Type 2 Patrol vessel
Engine 2.5nhp engine (1927) Engine Manufacture
Repower 80hp engine; 140hp engine (1957c); 190bhp diesel engine (2004c) Propulsion Screw
Rebuilds In 1948 she was rebuilt (32gt 22rt.) (50.1' x 13.8' x 7.1') at Vancouver BC. Call Sign
Pendant  # Z.20 Masters In 1942 Inge Valen (Coxswain RCNR) was in command; In 1943 Thor Sollien (Coxswain RCNR) in command and John M. Morrison (Coxswain RCNR); In 1944 Peter E. Haan (Coxswain RCNR (FR)) and Harry A. Nordin (Coxswain RCNR (FR)) with John M. Morrison (Skipper RCNR (FR))
In 1927-1932 she was owned by Packers Steamship Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. She was owned by J. Dutton, Vancouver BC. She was owned by J.J. Cross Marine Supplies. In 1938 she was appraised at $5,750. In 1938 she was purchased and commissioned into Royal Canadian Navy as a Canadian Naval Training Vessel. In 1946-1949 she was owned by John Steffich (MO), Vancouver BC. In 1946 she was renamed as the Santa Rosa. In 1953-1971 she was owned by Peter Wishinski, Vancouver BC. In 1972-1974 she was owned by Sao Miguel Enterprises Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1975 she was owned by Hunt Fishing Co. Ltd. et al., Campbell River BC. In 1976 she was owned by Millbanke Industries Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1977-1983 she was owned by Eugene Hunt, Alert Bay BC. In 1984-1987 she was owned by Alfred Hunt, Richmond BC. In 1988-1995 she was owned by James W. Walkus, Nanoose Bay BC. In 2001-2017 she was owned by Inar Jager, Minstrel Island BC.
Fate Afloat in 2017 Date
Named Features
Significance of Name
She is listed (possibly incorrectly) by several authors as being part of the RCN Fishermen's Reserve. In 1942 she was tender to H.M.C.S. Givenchy but not listed as a Fishermen's Reserve vessel in the Canadian Naval List. In 1943-1944 she was a tender to H.M.C.S. Chatham doing harbour duties at Prince Rupert BC. In 1946 she was laid up in the ship boneyard at Bedwell Bay in Indian Arm BC.
Government of Canada The Canadian Navy List Ottawa ON; Freeman, David J. (2000); Canada List of Shipping; Harbour & Shipping (Progress Publishing Co. Ltd.) Vol. 10 (1927)
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