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Nanaimo (H.M.C.S.) (I)

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Registry #1 CN K.101 Registry #2 Registry #3
Name 1 1941 Nanaimo (H.M.C.S.) (I) Name 5
Name 2 1955 Rene W. Vinke Name 6
Name 3 Name 7
Name 4 Name 8
Year Built 1941 Place Esquimalt Area BC Country Canada
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 205' x 33' x 13.5'
Builder Yarrows Ltd. Measurement (metric)
Hull Steel Displacement 950
Gross Tonnage Type 1 Corvette, Flower Class (1939-40 Canadian Building Programme)
Registered Tonnage Type 2 Whaling ship
Engine 2750ihp 4-cylinder Triple expansion engine with 2 Scotch marine boilers. Engine Manufacture
Repower Propulsion Screw
Rebuilds Call Sign
Pendant  # K.101 Masters
In 1941-1945 she was in service with the Royal Canadian Navy. Afterwards she was converted as a Dutch whaler.
Fate Registry closed Date 1966-00-00
Named Features
Significance of Name Named for the City of Nanaimo BC.
She was launched on 28/10/1940. She carried 230 tons of fuel and could reach 16 knots. Her endurance was 3450nm at 12 knots. She carried a complement of 7 officers and 85-90 other ranks. At the end of the Second World War she was laid up in the ship boneyard at Bedwell Bay in Indian Arm BC. She was broken up at Capetown South Africa in 1966 by by South African Metal & Machinery Co Pty Ltd .
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