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Registry #1 103907 Registry #2 Registry #3
Name 1 1897 Czar Name 5
Name 2 Name 6
Name 3 Name 7
Name 4 Name 8
Year Built 1897 Place Victoria Area BC Country Canada
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 101.0' x 21.5' x 11.0'
Builder Trahey, Thomas H. Measurement (metric)
Hull Wood Displacement 148
Gross Tonnage 152 Type 1 Tug
Registered Tonnage 93 Type 2 Barge
Engine 56hp quadruple expansion 4-cylinder Steam engine Engine Manufacture Hinckly Spear & Hayes, San Francisco CA USA
Repower In 1923 she was re-powered 4-cylinder oil engine by J. & C.G. Bolinders. Propulsion Screw
Rebuilds In 1923 she was rebuilt to 97' x 22' x ? 148 tons. In 1940 she was rebuilt as a barge. Call Sign VGXC
Pendant  # Masters Captain Christensen (1914);
In 1897 she was owned by Hastings Mill Company, Vancouver BC. In 1898-1901 she was owned by James Dunsmuir, Victoria BC. In 1902-1904 she was sold to Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway Co. of Victoria BC (Robert Dunsmuir.). In 1905 she was transferred to Canadian Pacific Railway Steamship Services and based at Victoria BC. In 1914-1918 she was owned by Gerald F. Payne & Edward J. Coyle, Vancouver BC. In 1918 she was owned by Pacific Construction Co., Vancouver BC for service with the Imperial Munition Board, Ottawa ON. In 1921-1923 she was owned by Queen City Tow Boat Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1924-1926 she was owned by International Towing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1927-1931 she was owned by Dominion Tug & Barge Co., Vancouver BC. In 1939 she was owned by Harbour Towing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1940-1947 she was owned by Nelson Brothers Fisheries Ltd., Vancouver BC.
Fate Registry closed Date
Named Features
Significance of Name
In 1940 she was converted to a barge. In 1942 she foundered. Her hull was sunk off Prince Rupert BC where she was a derelict on the mud flats. The propeller and shaft were on display outside the Prince Rupert Museum.
Canada List of Shipping (1898); Newell, G. (1966); Newell, Gordon & Joe Williamson (1957)
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