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Colonel Peters (R.C.A.S.C.)

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Photo: John MacFarlane

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Registry #1 173721 Registry #2 Registry #3
IMO# MMSI# VRN# 20468
Name 1 1941 Josephine D. No. 3 Name 5
Name 2 1942 Colonel Peters (R.C.A.S.C.) Name 6
Name 3 1947 Nafco Name 7
Name 4 Name 8
Year Built 1941 Place Vancouver Area BC Country Canada
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 61.4' x 18.4' x 8.7'
Builder Marpole Boat Works (T. Erie) Measurement (metric) 18.71m x 5.61m x 2.65m
Hull Wood Displacement
Gross Tonnage 69.31 Type 1 Patrol vessel
Registered Tonnage 32.46 Type 2 Fishboat, seiner
Engine 120hp engine (1941) Engine Manufacture
Repower 135hp engine (1957c); 340bhp diesel engine (2004c) Propulsion Screw
Rebuilds Call Sign
Pendant  # Z.35 Masters
In 1941 she was owned by Giovanni Dorigan, Vancouver BC. In 1942 she was owned by the Department of Munitions and Supply, Ottawa ON. In 1943-1946 she was a transport vessel owned by the Minister of National Defence for the Canadian Army (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps). In 1947-1954 she was owned by National Fisheries Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1955-1971 she was owned by Mirko Loncarich, Vancouver BC. In 1972-1978 she was owned by Loncarich Fishing Ltd., Burnaby BC. In 1979 she was owned by Aardvark Fishing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1980-1984 she was owned by Ardvark Fishing Co. Ltd., Burnaby BC. In 1985 she was owned by Aardvark Fishing Co. Ltd., Richmond BC. In 1986 she was owned by Jim Pattison Industries Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1987-1997 she was owned by Aardvark Fishing Co. Ltd., Richmond BC. In 2001-2016 she was owned by Vladimir Cerinj, Vancouver BC.
Fate Afloat in 2016 Date
Named Features
Significance of Name
During the Second World War she was operated by the Canadian Army Pacific Command Water Transport Company of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Water Transport Company.
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