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Title Captain (MM)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 00/04/1915 Death 19/02/2001
Place Belleoram (Fortune Bay) Place Dartmouth
Area Area NS
Country Newfoundland Country Canada
(He was qualified as a Master Mariner.) He served in the CCGS Humphreyt Gilbert (In command). He served in CCGS John Cabot (In command). (repaired the cable that carried the Washington-Moscow hotline off the coast of Greenland in the mid-1960s. For that he received the Shield of Freedom form the U.S. Air Defence Command) In 1979 he was the Master of the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent, a Canadian heavy icebreaker, in an east to west transit of the North West Passage. He assisted the CCGS Franklin through the passage. He went on to cirumnavigate North America. He retired from the Canadian Coast Guard as "senior commanding officer, afloat" in April of 1980.
Military Service
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features
In 1970, he completed the escort of the tanker Manhattan through the Northwest Passage to Alaska when Captain Fournier was taken seriously ill and had to be evacuated south for medical care.
MacFarlane, J.M. (1992) Northwest Passage Challengers. In Resolution. Spring 1992 Issue. Maritime Museum of British Columbia; Email Communication (Ron Burdock to Nauticapedia 07/03/2015);
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