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Bockstoce, John Roberts

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Birth 00/00/1944 Death (nk)
Place Boston Place (nk)
Area MA Area (nk)
Country USA Country (nk)
Awards D.Sc (Hon);
Qualifications BA; B.Litt; D.Phil;
In 1966 he was a Special Assistant to the Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. In 1970 - 1971 he was Assistant to the Director, University Museum University of Pennsylvania. In 1973 - 1974 he was a Visiting Tutor, Department of Ethnology and Prehistory, University of Oxford. In 1974 - 1986 he was the Curator of Ethnology, New Bedford Whaling Museum. In 1987 to the present (2012) he was the President, Thalassa Corporation. In 1980 he led an expedition consisting of an unnamed motorized Eskimo Umiak and a motorized canoe on a partial transit West to East from Point Barrow AK to Pond Inlet of the Northwest Passage. Later he was the leader and owner of the five-year expedition taking the yacht Belvedere (II) through a west to east transit of the Northwest Passage. He has rounded Cape Horn under sail and is attempting to sail a yacht through the Northeast Passage.
Military Service
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He received the Tilman Medal (Royal Cruising Club of Great Britain for 20 years of high latitude voyaging. Bockstoce is the author of more than a dozen books and numerous articles including Whales, Ice and Men: The History of Commercial Whaling in the Western Arctic; Arctic Passages: A Unique Small Boat Voyage Through the Great Northern Waterway; and his most recent publication, Furs and Frontiers In the Far North: The Contest Among Native and Foreign Nations for the Bering Strait Fur Trade.
References; MacFarlane, J.M. (1992) Northwest Passage Challengers. In Resolution. Spring Issue. Maritime Museum of British Columbia; Bockstoce, John with contributions by William A. Baker and Charles F. Batchelder 1977; Bockstoce, John. (1986); Bockstoce, John. (1990)
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