The Ships of the Royal Canadian Navy Present Off the Normandy Beaches on June 6/7/1944 (The D-Day Landings)

compiled by Commander Fraser McKee 2013

Prince David

Landing craft from HMCS Prince David (Photo from Wikepedia)


Landing Ships Infantry (Medium):

Their 2 LCA Flotillas:

RCN Minesweepers: with RN flotillas:

14th Flotilla:

Plus two RCN Flotillas:

31st Flotilla:

32nd Flotilla:

Landing Craft Infantry (Large) – LCI(L)s: (Manned by RCN, ex–RN ships):

1st Canadian Flotilla (ex-RN’s 260th)

2nd Canadian Flotilla (ex–RN’s 262nd):

3rd Canadian Flotilla (ex–RN’s 264th):

Motor Torpedo Boats of the 29th Flotilla: (Arrived in p.m. of June 6th)

Supplementary Author’s notes:

1. I’m not sure if any of the MGBs of the 65th Flotilla were present there or not. They were larger (and slower!) D–Class MLs. No one has yet written their history. Douglas, Sarty et al say they were on blocking patrols east of Normandy, so presumably they were not present.

2. Other RCN ships were in U.K. waters, were on blocking or A/S patrols, escorting Normandy–bound Mulberry "Phoenixes" etc.: (See page 312 of Ken Macpherson & Ron Barrie’s book "The Ships of Canada’s Naval Forces, 1910–2002", 3rd edition, 2002.)

To quote from this article please cite:

McKee, Fraser (2013) The RCN Ships Present Off the Normandy Beaches on June 6/7/1944 (The D–Day Landings). 2013.

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